If you haven’t noticed,I personally have a special love towards reading books. Then again,I obviously can’t buy every single book I get interested in due to many reason. Here’s a few tips on how I choose which book I should buy first ;

01. Read the Summary

If the book’s summary just makes you want to desperately know what’s going on next,that book may be your perfect choice. If more then one book’s summary interest you,pick the one that makes you long for the continuation most..

02. Pick one that matches your mood

Because if you’re not in the mood,you’d never finish a book. If you’re feeling love-struck,grab all those stories that would make your heart flutter. If you feel the need on seeing things that you could never imagine,get a hand on an adventure themed book.

03.The Cover

Even if the saying says “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” the cover of the book itself is also important since it would be the first thing you’d see in a book.

04. The Author

If you by any chance have your own favorite author,then go check one of their latest works. Personally,when I like author,nearly all of their writings end up climbing on my list of favorite books.

05. The Price

Last but not least,the price. Then again,you need to buy the book that matches the cash you have. If you don’t have the money,I suggest you save for the book so the next time you see it you can instantly get a hold of it. Unless you REALLY need to read something then go grab your second choice of books.

That’s pretty much it from me! Hope it helps.

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